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Kolkata: Offering New Prospects and Residences for professionals

Kolkata is known for its vintage culture and tradition. It is the first city where the British colonized. Near to the ports, the city became a hub for intercontinental business at least three centuries ago. Previously, Kolkata was a village named ‘Kolikata’. The entire city was developed slowly by undertaking two other villages named Govindapur and Sutanuti. Kolkata is the second largest city in the subcontinent that beats Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. Its current area is 185 and is gradually expanding on the outskirts due to the development of new projects and commercial hubs. The upcoming projects in Kolkata are being developed in the outskirts under the surveillance of the municipal and development authority.

Being the seventh most populous in India, there is an abundance of human resources and other necessities. It is called as the ‘City of Joy’ as the metro city offers excellent features for all types of people to live and thrive. Despite being one of the fastest growing cities, it offers a humble environment and a low-expense incurring zone to live. The people here are intelligent and intellectual with a variety of origin and ethnicity. Most of the flock in to find a prospective platform to showcase their skills and thrive. This is why the residential projects in Kolkata comprise of a conglomerate community. Most of the central and northern part of this metro city is overly populated where people live in harmony and peace. Unlike the other metro cities, very few or no disruption of peace is witnessed. People here are very content regarding what they do.

Popular areas in Kolkata

Kolkata still carries her heritage in the old lanes, century-old buildings, and markets. The most famous places to visit in Kolkata are Park Street, New Market, Howrah Bridge, Calcutta Golf Club, temples, Barabazaar, Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium, Indian Museum, Science City, Rabindra Sadan, and many more. These are the places where the growth and development of a city are witnessed. In terms of education, technology, and commercial infrastructure, Salt Lake is the leading part of the metro city. The working professionals seek new flats in Kolkata for rent or owning the properties near their workplaces for convenience. This segment houses the working branches of multinational companies from all over the world. In fact, the areas linked with Salt Lake are being developed for new projects in Kolkata so that the professionals working in the nearby IT hubs and business centers can live with their families.

Economy and infrastructure

With the liberalization, privatization, and globalization of the Indian Economy, Kolkata has been on the list of top bandwagon cities to cater a perfect place for budding companies. The special economic zones are catering excellent infrastructure for the growth and establishment of new companies. JP Morgan and The Brookings Institution ranked Kolkata 2-nd in the list of Indian metros. The city ranked 32-nd in the world regarding economic growth. The growth is clearly visible as the new housing projects in Kolkata are attracting a lot of investment recently. The standard of living has literally escalated in the last few years.


Kolkata is well-known for its transportation features. The local trains connect the entire city with the two main stations, Howrah and Sealdah, one of the biggest and busiest stations in the world. There are both ample private and public buses that create a convenient transportation network to connect the interiors of the city precisely. The short-distance autorickshaws also make it very convenient for the residents to commute. Due to the intricate network of buses and autos, the common people can commute easily. This is the reason why the number of private cars and bikes are less in this city in comparison to the other metro cities. At Flatfy, you will find new residential projects in Kolkata developed by different top developers. You can hunt down from the listed housing projects in Kolkata on Flatfy and get yourself a home booked.