Northstar Hillside
in Hyderabad

Price / ft2
from ‍6 500 ₹ $90
Srinagar to Gandipet, Gandipet, 500075

Layouts and prices for Northstar Hillside

Prices and availability are up to date as of 2 February 2019
from 4 600 ft2
price / ft2 TBC
from ‍29 900 000 ₹
 $406 790
from 6 350 ft2
price / ft2 TBC
from ‍41 300 000 ₹
 $561 890

Northstar Hillside on the map of Hyderabad

Srinagar to Gandipet, Gandipet, 500075

Development status

сompletion – 4 quarter 2019
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Where is Northstar Hillside located?

Srinagar to Gandipet, Gandipet, 500075

How much does a sq ft cost in Northstar Hillside?

The price per sq ft in this complex starts from 6500 ₹

When will Northstar Hillside be commissioned?

Northstar Hillside – delivery in Q4, 2019

Who is the developer of Northstar Hillside in Hyderabad?

Developer Northstar Hillside – Northstar Homes